RSACC works to end rape and sexual violence in Darlington and County Durham by supporting and empowering women and girls.

RSACC was established in 1990 and is unique in Darlington and County Durham in providing free and confidential face to face counselling and telephone support to survivors of rape, sexual abuse and domestic abuse. RSACC is a member of Rape Crisis England and Wales and part of its national network of 43 Rape Crisis Centres.

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Click here to hear about how RSACC began over 30 years ago with just 3 members of staff.

Meet our team

  • Deborah Barker

    Deborah Barker

    Debbie has 15 years’ experience working with sexual violence and has been a BACP Accredited Counsellor for 8 years. She chairs the PCVC Rape Scrutiny Panel to examine the investigative process performed by the Police within County.

  • Isabel Owens

    Isabel Owens

    Isabel has worked in senior roles across the voluntary sector for 7 years managing and developing services to meet clients need.

  • Joy Easterby

    Joy Easterby

    Joy worked for the Local Authority for over 30 years as a social worker and Domestic Abuse Coordinator before joining the RSACC as our Volunteer Coordinator.

We are a charity run by and for women.

We offer free, safe support to all women over 13 who have experienced any form of sexual violence at any time in their lives.

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Working to end rape and sexual violence by supporting and empowering women and girls in Darlington and County Durham.


  • Feminist
    RSACC is a feminist, women led organisation that works from a feminist perspective that recognises sexual violence as a crime of violence, an abuse of power, and as a cause and consequence of gender inequality.
  • Empowering
    RSACC works within a framework of empowerment. We believe the best way to support women who have experienced sexual violence is to empower them. This means we work to create an environment where women are able to use their own agency and achieve their full potential.
  • Person Centred
    RSACC works from a person-centred approach. We believe that that individual women have within themselves the capacity to effect change and make decisions that are both real and meaningful to them when supported appropriately.
  • Specialist
    RSACC has worked over many years to become a specialist in sexual violence. It is the experiences and views of women who have experienced sexual violence that we have build our understanding and knowledge on. We believe that gender-based violence requires an evidence-based, gender-specific response.

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