The Recruitment Process

Is our training for you?

Prior to our training package we host a one day Induction Workshop which is informative and fun. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on whether volunteering within this organisation is right for you, as well as giving us time to get to know you a little better.  

After the Induction Day we select suitable candidates on to our highly regarded and comprehensive In-House Training programme. The training group is relatively small and we have places for approximately twenty trainees.

Our training is intensive and potentially triggering, as we explain the impact of domestic and sexual violence.  Support is on hand throughout all our training sessions. After successfully completing our training we would require you to volunteer for us for a minimum of 12 months.

Please follow the link below to see whether volunteering for us, is right for you:





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We are now recruiting volunteers for 2018. Can you help?

We are currently recruiting female volunteers for our training programme. When qualified you will offer telephone support to those who contact our helpline - we also have a small number of volunteer counsellor placements for those working towards Degree or Diploma qualification. ...
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