Student Counsellors

We offer a small number of student placements to those on counselling courses; however, to be in a position to offer face to face counselling, students must be studying in the final year of their degree or diploma course as a minimum requirement. Tutor references will be required to comment on a student’s suitability to begin face to face work, theoretical understanding and counselling skills proficiency.

Please note that we are able to agree to client material being used for one case study assignment, under supervision from clinical supervisor. The Centre offers a supportive learning and mentoring environment for all its volunteers and clinical supervision with highly qualified and experienced external supervisors.

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We are now recruiting volunteers for 2018. Can you help?

We are currently recruiting female volunteers for our training programme. When qualified you will offer telephone support to those who contact our helpline - we also have a small number of volunteer counsellor placements for those working towards Degree or Diploma qualification. ...
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