ISVA Service


An ISVA is an independent sexual violence advisor; a trained specialist who offers non-judgemental, practical and emotional support to survivors of sexual abuse. It is the ISVAs role to work with survivors and help them access other supports  services and address long and short term needs.

The ISVA will:

  • Offer support for those thinking of reporting
  • Provide you with impartial information to enable you to make choices
  • Offer an overview of the police process and what to expect
  • Support you through the criminal justice process
  • Liaise with police, courts & CPS, and work closely with other agencies involved
  • Accompany you to important appointments
  • Support your next steps after the legal process
  • Offer continuing support after the criminal justice process

How to access the service?
If you are a female or male and aged 16 or over then you can call the Centre on 01325 354119 and refer yourself for the ISVA service or email

What Next?

Your ISVA will usually contact you in the first instance by phone to introduce themselves and arrange your first appointment.
This first appointment will take place over the phone and will involve the ISVA getting to know you and your current situation to see what support can be offered to you.
Your next appointment will take place in a neutral location, in this appointment they will talk you through the contract and answer any questions you might have.

Do you have to report to the police?

No, your ISVA will give you information to help you make an informed decision whether or not to report. If you do decide to go ahead they can support you through this process.


This service is confidential, what you tell your ISVA will remain between the two of you. Confidentiality is only limited in request of policies  pertaining to safeguarding, further details will be discussed at your first meeting. Every effort is made to   promote privacy and dignity of the client.

 (a leaflets about the service can be downloaded from this website in the 'Leaflets' section)


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