We are keen to encourage feedback on how we may improve accessibility to the service and on any service improvements in general. We continue to strive for better services to meet the needs of women and girls.

Previous feedback we've received suggested that women may feel anxious about being pressured into making a police report if they access our services, that they may be worried about not being believed, and that bumping into someone they know at the Centre would be a concern. We know that these are understandable concerns given the experiences that survivors have. We can reassure all women accessing our services that we will never pressure anyone into making a police report or suggest doing so if a woman is opposed to it, we will only work with her to understand the best route for her to take. If you are concerned about anonymity because you may know someone at the Centre or nearby, call us to discuss this and we can make arrangements to make sure your anonymity is completely respected - this is an issue we have experience working with. And most of all, we would like to assure all women and girls that believing survivors is at the centre of our ethos.

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