Face to Face Counselling

We offer free face to face Counselling Monday to Thursday throughout the day up until 9.00pm in our Darlington based Centre.  We also offer this service in Durham on a Wednesday and Saturday morning.

Counselling is by appointment only.

Those seeking counselling can self-refer, Please telephone 01325 369933. You will be asked to provide contact details and discuses your availability so that you can be informed as soon as a Counsellor becomes available. Contact will be made with you in a discreet and confidential manner; if we are not able to speak to you directly we will not say where we are calling from or leave a message unless we have been given permission to do so.  We try to keep the Centre address confidential until appointments are confirmed.

We currently operate a waiting list meaning that we may not be able to offer an appointment straight away. While we cannot say for sure how long it will be before we can offer an appointment those with good availability may be easier to accommodate.

Those waiting for an appointment are very welcome to use our support line service and face-to-face support service in the meantime. Our aim is to accommodate those referred for counselling as quickly as possible. We currently offer clients up to 20 sessions, meeting with the counsellor on a weekly or 2 weekly basis. For further information on our Counselling Service, please feel free to 'contact us'.

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