RSACC Email Support

If you would like to receive support by email, please contact us at:

What to expect when you email us

You will receive an automatic reply acknowledging your message so that you know it has been received. We aim to respond to your message within 14 working days. If you need a quicker response then please phone us.

Our email support service is run by a team of volunteers. Therefore we cannot guarantee that the same person will reply if you email us more than once.

We don't save emails for more than one month, so you may like to include previous information that you have shared with us in the text of your email, if this would be helpful to you. If you have additional information that you want to share with us, please copy the information into the main body of the email as we are unable to open attachments sent to us.


As with our telephone service, our email support service is confidential. You don't have to give us your name or any other information about you. Unless you give us identifying information (such as your full name or address) you will remain anonymous except for your email address. We will not disclose your emails to anyone outside of RSACC and regularly delete all emails that we receive.

We won’t repeat anything you tell us about your personal situation to anybody outside of RSACC. We sometimes like to use feedback or comments about our service in our publicity, fundraising material and reports to our supporters. This is always done anonymously. If you make any such comments and do not want us to share them with other people, then please let us know in your email.

Details of emails may be shared within RSACC as part of our confidential supervision support.

We will only break confidentiality if you give us your express permission to, or if you've given us relevant information and we're concerned for your (or somebody else's) safety.

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