Take note of our new RSACC helpline number – 0300 222 5730

Take note of our new RSACC helpline number – 0300 222 5730

Today marks the launch of our new helpline number which means we have increased our capacity to support women who have experienced rape and sexual violence. 

We have made the investment to ensure women in crisis or those who are struggling with the long-term impacts of sexual violence can access confidential assistance over the phone.

Our new RSACC helpline number is        0300 222 5730

The Helpline is open Monday to Thursday, 10am to 2pm.

We are acutely aware that the Covid-19 Pandemic is causing increased distress for many survivors with other support services closing, increased isolation and a higher likelihood of dangerous situations in the home due to lockdown guidance. 

Isabel Owens, deputy chief executive at RSACC, said;

“The improvements to our helpline system mean that we can help more women who are living with the life-long consequences of sexual violence such as depression and anxiety and also those women who are in immediate crisis.
“The coronavirus pandemic presents huge challenges for us all but the guidance means more survivors are in close confines with abusive partners, are struggling with isolation and loneliness or are under immense pressure to manage their own mental health alongside caring responsibilities and work. Our team has seen first-hand how this situation is exacerbating the trauma of sexual violence and women are turning to our vital service for support.
“Whilst sadly some charities have been forced to pause their support, we are committed to continuing to be there for women by adapting our approaches, whether that’s through wellbeing phone calls, online counselling sessions and extending our helpline hours.”

RSACC’s new helpline has been made possible thanks to funding from the Durham Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner. 

Steve White, Acting Durham Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner said: “Funding innovations such as the investment in a new helpline is vital to ensure support to those in need. By working closely we have been able to help quickly plug a gap during these extraordinary times, ensuring despite the coronavirus pandemic help is continuing to be provided.”

RSACC had more than 700 calls to our confidential helpline in the past year. It is run by trained staff and volunteers who speak to callers for up to an hour to provide emotional support and practical information for women who are dealing with the trauma of being raped or sexually assaulted.

Don’t forget, RSACC is always here if you need us. We offer support to any woman or girl who needs to talk about rape or sexual assault. This includes our helpline, specialist counselling and women-only groups for survivors including mindfulness. 

An hour-long, confidential phone call to RSACC costs us £5. You can support the continuation of RSACC’s helpline by making a donation https://localgiving.org/charity/rsacc/

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