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'Recovery Toolkit' - New Group programme!

The Recovery Toolkit is a 12 week course, which aims to provide you with all the knowledge you need to recover from the effects of living with domestic abuse.

The course is designed for women who have left an abusive partner.

The course will cover:

How your thoughts affect the way you feel

How to increase confidence and self-esteem

Understanding power and control in an abusive relationship

Boundaries and trust: protect ourselves and those we love

Understanding your own anger

The course uses group exercises to promote positivity, relaxation and calm anxiety.

Women are empowered to take more control of their lives by setting goals and identifying positive changes within themselves.

Group Sessions:

Week 1: Introduction to the course

Week 2: What is Abuse?

Week 3: Introduction to Self-Esteem

Week 4: Self-Esteem; coping and the consequences on our psychological well-being

Week 5: The Effects of Abuse on Children

Week 6: Self-Esteem and Affirmations; the power of positive self-talk

Week 7: Anger & Conflict; what about being assertive?

Week 8: Anger & Conflict; Assertiveness revisited

Week 9: Boundaries & Trust

Week 10: Making Mistakes; setting goals

Week 11: Healthy Relationships

Week 12: Actions for the Future

Feedback from past participants of RTK Group:

“The most useful thing I have learnt are strategies and skills to cope.”

“I am more assertive, I am happier in myself and feel I have got the fun back in my life. I feel free again.”

“The most useful thing I have learnt is understanding that what happened was not my fault.”

If you are interested in attending the next programme then please contact the Centre 01325 354119 to make a referral.

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