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Elizabeth Graham and Lynsey Eglinton are doing a Skydive for RSACC on the 22nd of November - to sponsor them and read why they are fundraising for the centre please visit
As supporters of women and girls, RSACC is proud to announce our support for several ground-breaking campaigns this year.
Ending Victimisation and Abuse - a campaign to change the language, culture and attitude around domestic violence and abuse and sexual violence
This brand new campaign goes to the heart of our values at the Centre and aims to shine a light on survivor's experiences both of abuse and of the phenomenon of 'victim blaming', in which society exacerbates the effects of violence and abuse through controlling stereotypes which further isolate survivors. You can submit your experinces on the website, and the campaign seeks to challenge damaging media coverage about the issues. If anything you read on the website is difficult for you, you can always contact us for support.
No More Page 3
This campaign asking The Sun to take a stand against the objectification of women by removing Page 3 now has almost 110,000 signatures and we are firm supporters. We hope that by raising the profile of similar campaigns and demanding that the media take notice, the fact that the objectification of women in the media underpins attitudes which support violence against women will be noted and we can begin to challenge this culture.
Lose The Lads Mags
Led by UK Feminista and OBJECT, this campaign hopes to persuade retailers to remove 'lads mags' from their shelves. Research that we frequently use shows that many of the statements in these magazines are indistinguishable from those made by convicted rapists. Furthermore, the continual objectification of women on their pages is damaging both for readers and for young people who could easily be exposed to them. The campaign argues that to display such material could constitute an offence under equality and diversity law.
One Billion Rising was a global day of action to end violence against women, and Durham played host to a fantastic event with singing, dancing and art aimed at celebrating women's strength and achievements, alongside stalls to provide attendees with information about services available. Lynne Hinde, RSACC CEO, and Nicole Westmarland, trustee, gave inspiring speeches at the event and many of our volunteers were involved in its organisation.
Nicole speaking at OBR
Lynne and Janet running the RSACC stall
We have recently undergone an external evaluation on our Durham Outreach Counselling Service.  Click here to view the document 

We would like to say a big thank you to our new volunteer Fiona Smailes for raising a fantastic £460.60 for the Centre and spreading the message about our support services for women and girls
Fiona organised a band night on Saturday 2nd February at The Fishtank, Durham, where attendees enjoyed music from "No Reason Why", "The John Doe Experiment", "Cecilia Cadman" and "George Wade."
Fiona's partner Alistair Poll organised a follow up night in May which, despite a much shorter opening time, raised a fantastic £190 to add to our total!
If you would like to fundraise for the Centre, please contact us at or contact 01325 354119 and we can support you in finding the best way to raise some money and have some fun! 

We are now live on Twitter spreading the word about the support services we offer to women and girls who have experienced rape, sexual and domestic abuse at any point in their life.
Follow us at @RSACC_Dton

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We are currently recruiting female volunteers for our training programme. When qualified you will offer telephone support to those who contact our helpline - we also have a small number of volunteer counsellor placements for those working towards Degree or Diploma qualification. ...
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