Here at the centre we are passionate about placing the blame for rape and sexual abuse where it belongs – with the abuser. There is no behaviour which can ever 'encourage' or 'invite' rape, as sexual violence is premeditated and begins with the decision of the abuser.

Myths surrounding rape and sexual abuse are a powerful tool in maintaining women’s silence by placing the blame on the woman rather than the abuser.

As a society certain unwritten rules are imposed on women from an early age, such as “don’t walk home alone” “don’t go out dressed like that” “don’t walk down dark alleys”.  These rules act as a “code of conduct” for women and condition us to believe that if we were ever to breach such rules and come to any harm, then we are to blame. When we enforce these rules we do not decrease the likelihood of sexual violence occurring, we simply say 'make sure it doesn't happen to you'. This shifts our focus onto the victims and away from the actual cause of the problem.

Rape myths work in the same way as the above by making women feel responsible for rape and sexual abuse thus maintaining their silence. It can be incredibly difficult for survivors to find their voices and begin to name and speak about what has happened to them in such a hostile society - however we aim to create a safe space where women have the chance to do this.

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