So Called False Accusations

"False Accusations"

Coverage on rape and sexual abuse often focuses on the very small number of genuinely false accusations that exist, and attempts to discredit survivors by implying that there is a disproportionate tendency for women to lie about rape. This is completely untrue. False reporting for rape is estimated at 2-8% of reports, which is very similar to other crimes. Furthermore, many false reports originate with someone other than the alleged victim, and some reports have historically been designated as 'false' when they were in fact just unproven. Of rape survivors we support, only around 10% have made a report to the police in the first place.

The reporting process is so difficult and traumatic that women face a difficult decision about whether to take cases forward in any event. Myths that false reports are common serve to undermine survivors who are already doubting themselves and dealing with damaging stereotypes from society which blame them for what they have experienced.

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