No Means Yes


MYTH: Everyone knows when a woman says no, she often means yes.  Women secretly want to be raped.


FACT: Rape is a terrifying, violent and humiliating experience that no woman wants or asks for.  Legally a person has the right to change their mind about having sex at any point of sexual contact.  If a sexual partner does not stop at the time a person says no, this is sexual assault.  If a person is in a relationship with someone or has had sex with a person before, this does not mean that they cannot be assaulted by that person.  Consent must be given every time two people engage in sexual contact.  Sex without consent is rape.

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We are now recruiting helpline volunteers for 2019

We are currently recruiting female volunteers for our training programme and then to work as a volunteer, in the Darlington based Centre, offering telephone support to those who contact RSACC help line. ...
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