SELFIE Project

SELFIE is our specialist educational course for young people designed by Rape Crisis. It stands for Sexualisation, Exploitation, Love, Friendship, Information and Empowerment and aims to support young people in exploring important topics like gender, consent and sexual violence.

Our experienced team works with schools across Darlington and Country Durham to ensure young people in our area can learn about sexual violence in a safe, supportive environment. This in turn helps to prevent sexual violence.

SELFIE Information for Professionals

SELFIE is an educational programme from Rape Crisis designed to increase young people’s access to high quality sexual violence prevention and support. Our experienced facilitators run classes in schools and we have designed the course to be adaptable to meet the specific needs of different areas.

Why is the course needed?

Worryingly, evidence shows that across the country sexual and other violence is increasing within young people’s relationships. The use of social media and mobile technology in sexual harassment and bullying is also a growing area of concern.

This is happening against a backdrop of increasing sexualisation of children and young people and the rising accessibility of pornography, all of which can influence young people’s perceptions of appropriate sexual behavior.

The SELFIE course provides an opportunity for young people to explore these issues and develop their knowledge and understanding, including learning about the Sexual Offences Act 2003 and how this relates to sexual conduct and consent.

Who delivers the programme?

Our RSACC facilitators run the programme. They have specialist expertise in ensuring young people have access to knowledge and can explore these topics in a safe and supportive space.

We have worked with Darlington Borough Council Relationships Education and Sexual Health team and other partners to ensure this programme complements other related initiatives such as those addressing domestic abuse and online safety.

What does the course cover?

SELFIE can be adapted to suit your needs whether you require a one-off workshop or a six-part course. Each session lasts for one hour and we recommend they are run before a break-time or lunch period. This enables young people to come back and discuss anything in a safe, secure and private environment. A special assembly can also be arranged to introduce the subject matter and the facilitators.

Topics covered include;

  • Gender
  • Consent (including sexting and social media)
  • What is sexual violence? (e.g. sexualisation and grooming)
  • Sexualisation (e.g. stereotypes, media and peer pressure)
  • Social media and sexting
  • Impacts and where to access support

If you are interested in running SELFIE in your school please contact our SELFIE project manager, Katie Wheatley 01325 354119 or

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  • My time here has been so helpful to me. Having time to step back and look at some of the difficult things that have happened in my life and recognise I have strength has been so precious to me. I am so thankful for being able to access such an amazing safe haven! You have given me the opportunity to step back and breathe again. I feel like a stronger person, able to face the world and live again. I am empowered!

  • It’s made me a happier, stronger, more confident, positive person!

  • I am no longer hiding from life and I have learned to say yes and no. I now do things for me!

  • Just a quick note to say thank you for listening to me and helping me to rebuild my life. I feel happy and like I am ready to live again. Life is good. I never thought I would feel this good again. Talking has helped me through the darkness and to clear out the weeds in my life. Now my life looks sunnier and I have much to look forward to. I also have real flowers in my garden now. So it shows things can change.