The Centre offers a range of external training days that can be either delivered to agencies for their workers, staff or volunteers, or accessed by attending one of our prearranged training days. The aim of our training is to increase awareness of the impacting consequences of sexual violence on women & Girls.

Our training is open to a range of professionals, statutory and voluntary sector workers who may be in a position of supporting or working with women & girls who have experienced sexual violence and to those who simple wish to have a better understanding of the impacting consequences of sexual violence.

Topics covered are:-

Session 1: ‘Understanding the impacting consequences of rape and sexual violence/abuse on an individual’

Session 2: ‘The impact of sexual violence within an intimate relationship’

Session 3: ‘Creative ways of working with survivors of Rape and Sexual Abuse’

Session 4: ‘Counselling women who have or are experiencing domestic abuse’

All training days are participatory and involve small and large group activities and discussion. Participants will not be asked to role play. There will be opportunities to ask questions and the facilitators will be sharing their breadth of experience in working with survivors of sexual violence. The courses raise awareness of these issues and will help those participating to understand the emotional ill health and harmful behaviours that can accompany such an experience. We are aware that the training content is both emotive and sensitive and that it may raise issues for those attending. Though the facilitators are practised in providing a supportive environment and are mindful of the wellbeing of those attending we do ask that individuals are aware of, and take responsibility for, their own self care needs in relation to personal issues and experiences that may be impacted on by the content of the training session.

Aims, objectives and content of individual sessions are detailed in on this page.

For further information, dates and cost please contact Debbie or Joy on or on 01325 354119.

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